Hungarian Rectors’ Conference

Hungarian Rectors’ Conference (HRC) is registered as a public corporation by the court. The whole higher education institution system is represented by HRC, a body comprising the heads of higher education institutions in accordance with the regulation of operation of HRC laid down in its Statutes. The Hungarian Rectors’ Conference is an independent public corporation entitled to represent higher education institutions and to protect their interests. HRC is an independent, consultative organization with legal personality, which participates in state projects.

Managing partnership with the Brazilian Government and CAPES

When the Brazilian government has launched the Science Without Borders scholarship program, the Brazilian state wished to arrange the program through a single channel method, being in touch with one single agency representing all the national higher education institutions, not only with the certain institutions separately. As the secretariat of the HRC has already had an established method for coordinating and allocating a great number of students arriving to Hungary through international scholarship programs, the Ministry of Human resources has designated the coordination of the project for the Hungarian Rectors Conference (HRC). Thus, the HRC, as CSF Coordination, has elaborated the process operating it successfully since November 2012, the official start of the program.

During the coordination process, the HRC is in direct contact with all the Hungarian higher education institutions, so it can rapidly and effectively communicate with and assemble all the necessary information and data from them. As for the process itself, this skill is essential for gathering and summarizing the portfolio of the available courses offered in the program. Based on the expectations of the partner country, the HRC can guarantee to deliver a database of the English language courses available, can cooperate with the institutions, and offer unified service package in order to facilitate the further negotiations. Based on this portfolio, the HRC has set up a website, containing course information and syllabuses and all the special requirements set for the candidate students in Brazil. This provides easy access to the relevant information about the program both for the interested students, their parents, the sending institutions and the government of the partner state. This website can be used also as a platform for uploading the documents of students and for the registration to a Hungarian Higher Education institution.

The allocation of the applicants, as the last step of the process is also part of the procedure, the HRC arranges that every student receives a vacancy at the most preferred institution, matching the most their interests, skills and previous studies.

Managing partnership with the Scholars

Besides the official email channel, where the scholars can turn to for trustable and up-to-date information in English language, our expert in Brazil also accepts questions in Portuguese language.

Also, HRC operates some less formal platforms to keep in touch with the scholars and the interested students. A Facebook site has been launched in order to inform the candidates about Hungary in general, and give personalized help for the application, and specialized information about certain courses. An Instagram profile has been edited ‘together’ with the students, as they contribute to the operation of the page by sending their own photos to the CSF Coordination.