How to apply


After your pre-selection to the program is confirmed by CAPES, you are eligible to complete the registration from on our website. The list of students who apply through this website and the list of students approved by CAPES will be synchronized at the end of the application process.

At the registration panel, you have to provide the following data: Full Name (as it is in your id/passport), Family Name, First Name, Sex (Male/Female), Date of Birth (day, month, year), Mother’s Full Name, Home Address, Brazilian Phone Number of a Family Member, University in Brazil, Course in Brazil, Percent of the Course Completed, Type of Language Proficiency Test, The Score Achieved in Language Proficiency Test, Institution Preferences (you can indicate three options which is only a guideline for us, because allocation to these institutions cannot be guaranteed due to academic reasons), Email address and Health Condition (you should fill in this field if you have any kind of health problem that requires permanent medication, special medical treatment or frequent assistance).

Also, you have to attach a study/academic history translated to English, this should contain the list of subjects already done, currently coursed, and to-be-taken. Translations are preferred be done by yourself (in order to avoid paying for official translators), but each page of the document has to be validated by a stamp of your university (example: international relations office, program coordinator, etc. can do this). If your university completely refuses to stamp the translation done by yourself, as an alternative solution we will accept the translated document and the original Portuguese version issued by the university attached together and containing the same data. The stamped and final document shall be scanned and uploaded as one single PDF document on the registration panel.

Added to the academic history, we will kindly ask you to provide a short description for each subject in English; the main topics or a few lines about the content will be enough. Please note, that the short descriptions should not be stamped, these can be two different documents, but please create one single PDF file from the two when you scan it, so please upload them unified.

If you need some guidelines on what we are looking forward to receive as for study history, please find an Academic history model and a Short description of subjects model among ‘documents’ which can be followed.

After you have submitted the registration, within 5 days you will receive an e-mail confirming that your registration has been recorded.

Allocation to Hungarian Institutions
After the registration process, the universities will start the selection and allocation. This will take some time. As the results will be finalized you will receive a final e-mail, confirming if and to which institution you have been accepted. At that point, you will be also contacted directly by your host university. Until then, to avoid misunderstandings and confusion, please don’t contact the universities, but ask us if you have any questions.

Of course, throughout the weeks of registration and afterwards, we are at your service with solving any issue or doubt.
The registration panel is only available in the registration period.

* - Minimum one, maximum three choices possible.

* - Please fill in this field if you have any kind of health problem that requires permanent medication, special medical treatment or frequent assistance.

* - Filling in this field is not compulsory. If you have any comment, explanation regarding your application ( for example if you would like to apply for a different course in Hungary than the one you do in Brazil- explain what is that and why would you like to do so) or any additional information that might be useful (alternative email address, website address of your own projects) please type it here.