Newspapers and magazines
For non-Hungarians there are some local newspapers available in foreign languages such as the Budapest Business Journal and the Budapest Sun in English, Pester Lloyd and Neue Zeitung in German or Le Journal francophone de Budapest in French. And in case you can’t go without them, the best-known international newspapers and magazines are also available at major newsstands and foreign language bookshops.

To be up-to-date about where the action is in Hungary, pick up a copy of Funzine, an English language programme magazine. It is free and available at hotels, restaurants, clubs, cafés, universities, etc.


Papers available online:


TV channels
With a cable or a satellite tuner you can receive most European channels. But a good way to learn the Hungarian language is through watching the national channels:

  • m1 and m2: the two major national television channels
  • Duna TV: a national channel for Hungarians inside and outside the country, sometimes with famous European art films as part of its timetable
  • RTL Klub, TV2, Viasat3: commercial stations mainly offering various shows and light entertainment
  • Filmmúzeum: classic films

TV Paprika: everything about cooking and gastronomy