residence permit

Brazilian citizens

Most of you will arrive to Hungary as a Brazilian citizen, with a valid VISA.

This VISA is a document that in Hungary gets “changed” into a residence permit. You can apply for your residence permit when you have already found your final accommodation here in Hungary. You should go to get your VISA changed into residence permit within a month after arriving to Hungary. The visa allows you 30 days to stay here and look for your final accommodation, and to stay here only with your passport.

In order to get your residence permit, you should go to the Regional Immigration Office (in order to get an appointment or be accompanied by someone, please ask your institutional coordinator/mentor- as there will be many of you who need to go there, the suggestion is to go there with your group organized by your university).

Please take the documents indicated below (please print and fill them before going to the office): all the documents for your accommodation – as listed in the residence permit info doc- , your signed accommodation card – most probably the university coordinators have them, so please ask them to give a copy to you; an ID photo and of course your passport.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING TO GET THE RESIDENCE CARD (as you have already paid all the necessary fee in Brazil at the consulate).

Among documents please find and read carefully the following documents:

  • Residence permit information: practical information on the documents needed for getting your residence permit
  • Declaration for residence permit – should be filled in, as it is needed to get your residence permit
  • Datasheet for residence permit – should also be filled in, as it is needed to get your residence permit
  • Declaration template – instruction on how to fill in the Declaration form
  • Datasheet template – instruction on how to fill in the Adatlap form

European citizens

If you have European citizenship and passport, you can enter the country without any kind of permit; however, please note that upon your arrival to Hungary, you will have to register for a Registration Certificate, which can be found amongdocuments, in the local Immigration Office, as also European citizens need a permit for staying longer than 90 days.

The application should happen at the authorized regional office of the Office of Immigration and Nationality on the 90 days from your arrival at the latest.

You can find info on the Immigration Office here:

But you should arrange an appointment for the visit with your institutional coordinator/mentor, so you don’t have to go on your own, but together with the others.


In order to receive the permit, you need to present yourEuropean ID cardORsome sort of validtravel documentat the office in person, among a filled-out datasheet for applying (which you can download here: and the necessary certificates for a residence permit for learning purposes which are the following:

  • the certificate of admittance of the educational institute OR a document certifying the legal relationship of the student with the institute (CSF approval letter)
  • scholarship certificate OR money on bank account OR money sent regularly to his bank account from abroad
  • tenancy agreement/contract OR proof that a Commercial accommodation is booked and paid for OR proof of student accommodation OR by valid invitation signed with the consent of authorities

Issuing the registration certificate will cost you 1. 000 HUF, and should be paid by buying a revenue stamp at any post office. You will have to take it with you to the office. There, you will receive the registration certificate immediately, which will be valid for unlimited time.