visa issuance

As you might already know, for CSF students a special VISA procedure has been elaborated. Special ad-hoc VISA issuance days are organized in the biggest cities, so you don’t necessarily have to travel to Brasilia. Also, the documents you have to show upon the VISA application have been altered in your case. You can find detailed information about the VISA issuance and the ad-hoc days in Portuguese here (please note that the content provided on this site might not have been updated with the information relevant for scholars arriving via 201/2014):


For obtaining the VISA you will need

  • to pay the registration fee (R$ 226,00) if possible, in advance to your appointment
  • to make an appointment with the embassy, as it is written on the website
  • 2 ID photos
  • a valid passport
  • the completed registration form (as it can be seen among ‘documents’).


The following documents should not be handed in during the visa days, as the embassy will get them directly from CAPES or HRC:

  • CAPES acceptance letter
  • contract signed with CAPES
  • HRC acceptance letter


Among documentsyou can find the following documents:

  • Addresses of the institutions
  • Addresses of the dormitories
  • Visa blank form
  • Visa template
  • Visa instructions on how to fill in the form


The latter list, with the addresses of each institution’s dormitories, is needed for administrative reasons only – you need to use it as the form is not valid without an address inserted. You have to insert your institution’s dormitory address into the form, even if you will live in a different accommodation, as you are not yet able to put your real address. This has been agreed and confirmed with the embassy, so having a different address there won’t cause any problem.

Also, as you have to put in the form the address of your institutions, we have created a list with all the addresses, so you don’t have to look it up, just simply pick it from the list.

In case, you still not aware of your future institution, please contact us, so we can help you with the required information.

Upon your arrival to Hungary, the VISA stamp that now will be stamped into your passport should be turned into a residence permit card in the local office. More information on this card can be found under ‘Residence permit’.


Information for applicants with European citizenship and passport

If you have European citizenship and passport, you can enter and live in the country without visa. So again, you don’t need to apply for a VISA in this case.
However, please note that upon your arrival to Hungary, you will have to register for a yearlong residence permit in the local office, as also European citizens need to do so for stays longer than 90 days.