BME Farewell Ceremony for Brazilian students

‘Material souvenirs may rust and get lost with time, but deep in our hearts and minds, we will take with us, to the last of our days, all the memories, stories, friendships, in some cases, even loves as inexorable gifts given to us, because what we saw, heard and felt, cannot be taken away from us, by no one. We, however, may kindly share it with others, hoping that our enthusiasm may encourage them to follow their dreams and live adventures of their own.’ Otávio José Dezem Bertozzi Junior,BME


Budapest University of Technology and Economics organized a farewell ceremony in Hotel Gellért on 29 June 2015 for Brazilian students studying within the frameworks of the Science Without Borders program.

Students from calls 146/2013 and 164/2013 have studied in the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture, Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, and Economic and Social Sciences. Some of them also participated in a 3 or 6 months long English and Hungarian language and culture course before starting their academic training.


The ceremony was opened by the remarks of Laszlo Dvorszki, director for international relations of the university, then Dr. Ákos Jobbágy, vice rector for education addressed the audience, and afterwards speeches were given by Zita Csaba, head of the mentor system (read speech), Otávio José Dezem Bertozzi Jr., one of the scholarship holders (read speech), and Valéria Balogh, program coordinator (read speech).

This year, the institution established an award for the most excellent students, recognizing their outstanding academic achievments. The certificates of merit were given to Roque Rodrigo Rodrigues (Civil Engineering), Lucas Xavier Pereira Cruz (Mechanical Engineering), Marcos Willian Mocellin (Mechanical Engineering), Laura Pinheiro Nichele (Chemical Technology and Biotechnology), Mateus Moreira Saraiva (Chemical Technology and Biotechnology), Andre Moura Gomes Da Costa (Electrical Engineering and Informatics), and Vaniele Guimaraes Carvalho (Economic and Social Sciences).

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After the ceremony, students celebrated their successful academic year with a glass of champagne and a dinner offered by the university.