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Faculty of Business and Management, BSc in Business Information Systems (Bachelor)

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Duration of the course

7 semesters

The goal of the program is to train such business information system managers, who are capable of:

  • understanding and resolving real business processes and inherent problems within the terms and value-system of the information society,
  • managing  information technology related tasks that support value-creating processes,
  • improving the organization’s knowledge base and business intelligence by exploiting the modern opportunities of information technology,
  • such modelling that is based on the collaboration of information and communication processes and technologies,
  • controlling and planning processes,
  • revealing problems and defining problem spaces,
  • developing and operating applications, and monitoring the expected quality level of their operation,
  • acquiring such high level of theoretical knowledge that enables them to continue their studies in the second cycle (MSc).

Students will be capable of:

  • bridging the gap between business and technology,
  • planning, developing computer applications for medium and large enterprises,
  • the service management of such computer applications,
  • controlling and auditing information systems,
  • resolving organizational and technological problems by means of their methodological preparedness and
  • supporting system development projects as consultants,
  • holding Junior Information Officer position.


The students achieve comprehensive knowledge about the diverse e-World in the following topics: the business models, e-commercial and online business solutions, basics of e-business, common economical laws and IT solutions (e.g. portal technology). Be in possession of the comprehensive informatics and economic knowledge, the students will be able to find answers to strategic, tactical and operative questions of a traditional or online e-business company. Furthermore they can function as analyst-planner and company managers.


Programme of the Business Informatics Bachelor


I. semester Credit Classes II. semester Credit Classes
Calculus 5 1 lecture+
1 seminar
Linear algebra 5 1 l+1 s
Statistics I. 3 1 l+1 s Law 5 1 l+1 s
Economics 7 1 l+1 s Business economics 5 1 l+1 s
Introductory computing 5 1 l+1 s Computer architecture 5 1 l+1 s
Elective 10 2l+2s Computing science 5 1 l+1 s
      Elective 5 1 l+1 s
III. semester Credit Classes IV. semester Credit Classes
Information management 5 1 l+1 s Operations research 5 1 l+1 s
Probability theory 5 1 l+1 s Statistics II. 5 1 l+1 s
Organisation and management 5 1 l+1 s Computer networks 5 1 l+1 s
Operating systems 5 1 l+1 s Database systems 5 1 l+1 s
Software technology I. 5 1 l+1 s Software technology II. 5 1 l+1 s
Elective 5 1l+2s Elective 5 1 l+1 s
V. semester Credit Classes VI. semester Credit Classes
Information systems development 5 1 l+1 s Integrated information systems development 5 1 l+1 s
Corporate finance 5 1 l+1 s Human resources management 5 1 l+1 s
Accounting 5 1 l+1 s Quality management and IT audit 5 1 l+1 s
Introduction to E-business 5 1 l+1 s Media economics 5 1 l+1 s
Management control 5 1 l+1 s Infrastructure management (ITIL) 5 1 l+1 s
Elective 5 1 l+1 s Project (Thesis work) 5 0l+2s
VII. semester Core Credit Classes VII. semester Electives (4 course/sem.) Credit Classes
Process management 5 0,5 l + 1 s
Knowledge Management
Document management
0,5 l + 1 s
0 l+2 s
0,5 l + 1 s
Business intelligence 5 0,5 l + 1 s
1 l + 0,5 s
1 l + 0,5 s
1 l + 0,5 s
1 l+1 s
Project (Thesis work) 10 0 l+2 s
Portal technologies
Economics of the digital world
1 l+1 s
1 l+0 s