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Faculty of Science, Institute of Biology/ Biology, BSc

Course status

the BSc programme is HAC accredited, while its English version’s accreditation is in process

Starting date(s) (following optional prep. course)


Max number of students

not limited

Min number of students


Duration of the course

6 semesters (30 months)

Language requirements

Toefl paper 500; Toefl Computer 173; Toefl iBT 59, IELTS 5

The curriculum includes introduction to the major disciplines of science that support various biological subjects (chemistry, physics, mathematics, informatics - Module 2), basic courses in biology (Module 3), advanced courses in biology (Module 4) and special courses (Module 5). In the case of the special courses (starting from the 3rd semester), students have a certain freedom of choice in assembling their own list of courses they wish to attend, according to their interest and their later choice of M.Sc. programme specialisation. To obtain their degree, candidates of B.Sc. have to write and orally present a “B.Sc. Thesis”. It must be an up-to-date critical review of the relevant scientific literature about a biological problem. A committee from teachers in the biology programme will evaluate the „B.Sc. Thesis”.

Students participate in intensive basic and advanced level courses to gain an essential theoretical knowledge in the different fields of biology, and to become familiar with the most important methods. The theoretical and practical knowledge of B.Sc. graduates enables them to recognise and analyse new scientific problems in biology, and to plan, perform, and evaluate simple laboratory or open field experiments for their investigation. The knowledge obtained in the B.Sc. programme also forms an excellent basis for the continuation of studies in an M.Sc. programme

Eötvös Loránd University