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Faculty of Science, Institute of Chemistry/ Chemistry, BSc

Course status

the Hungarian BSc programme is HAC accredited. In addition, it is accredited by the European Chemistry Thematic Network (ECTN), which guarantees that the graduates receive "Eurobachelor" (and "Euromaster", respectively) degrees.

Starting date(s) (following optional prep. course)


Max number of students

not limited

Min number of students


Duration of the course

6 semesters / 30 months

Language requirements

Toefl paper 500; Toefl Computer 173; Toefl iBT 59, IELTS 5

The goal of the Chemistry BSc program is to educate chemists having theoretical and experimental knowledge in chemistry and basic knowledge in related fields (e.g. mathematics, physics, computer science, scientific foreign languages). Having a BSc degree, the chemists

  • know the most important methodologies and their practical applications in a chemical laboratory
  • know the methods in presenting the results of their activity (both for scientific and non-scientific communities) in foreign languages, using computers
  • are able to acquire new competences by means of further trainings
  • can realize and independently solve primarily practical problems in chemical production, academical and industrial scientific institutes, analytical laboratories in agrochemistry, food industry, plant protection, quality assurance
  • can operate scientific instruments
  • are able to make decisions in their field.

The curriculum of the programme consists of:

  • basic scientific (non-chemical) courses
    • mathematics, physics, computer science, general economical, management, quality and environmental knowledge, European studies
  • Core Chemistry Module
    • general, inorganic, analytical, applied, organic and physical chemistry
  • Specialized Chemistry Module
    • physical chemistry, materials science, environmental chemistry and analysis, organic chemistry and biochemistry, macromolecular  and polymer chemistry, knowledge in natural sciences
  • BSc Thesis

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