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Animal Science Faculty / Stable management/ B.Sc.

Course status

HAC accredited, existing course in English language in 2011/2012

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1 semester

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English language (TOEFL/IELTS): min. 41 points

Stable management

Today, the majority of horses live their lives in different ways developed barns and in other artificial habitats around the stables. Different purposes, different types and sizes of horses should be provided different stables design and artificial habitats. In order for a horse to be used for a long time and to be healthy satisfied a required of keeping as far as possible. A well-designed horse barn saves money, effort and time. The aim of this study program is to give skills for the students about different designed stable and the most ideal form of maintenance. They get to know for centuries used form of horse keeping and they get knowledge of the future modern, safe and cost-effective technologies of barn construction as well. Next to the barn construction the course also give knowledge for design methods of other artificial life fields of horses taking into account the horse’s health, animal welfare and behavioural aspects.

Areas of the Study Program: handling the horse; grooming; clipping, trimming; shoeing, bedding; recognising health and caring for sick horses, internal parasites, construction of stables, design of stables, riding areas, organising and running the yard.

Course includes field trips to local studs and farms.