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Animal Science Faculty/Sustainable Agriculture/B. Sc.

Course status

HAC accredited, existing course in English language in 2011/2012

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Duration of the course

2 semesters

Language requirements

English language (TOEFL/IELTS): min. 41 points

Sustainable Agriculture

This course introduces the topic of natural resource sustainability in agriculture. The courses are designed for use both in the classroom and on college farms, and integrate the study of theoretical aspects of agricultural sustainability with practical issues. Seminars and lectures provide knowledge from the area of social responsibility, community marketing and ethical issues as well.

Areas of the study program: Sustainable agriculture: Sustainable Farm Animal Production, Emerging Food Safety Issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, Animal Protection and Ethical Issues, Community Marketing and Communication; Feed Safety and Quality Management; Sustainability Issues-The Ecological Footprint; Sustainability Issues-water management.