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John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics /Applied Mathematics/MSc

Course status

HAC accredited

Starting date(s) (following optional prep. course)


Max number of students


Min number of students


Duration of the course

4 semesters

Language requirements

In case of insufficient language knowledge, prior to the course-study, an English Language Course is going to be organized by ÓE

Objectives of the study program, structure and modules (practice), length, preparatory course:
The general aim of the applied mathematics program is to educate specialists for solving real life problems that arise in various applications. The curriculum of the course, in accordance with SIAM’s Mathematics in Industry and Graduate Education for Computational Science and Engineering programs pays special attention on the requested skills, such as the knowledge of application oriented mathematics, exposure to and experience in applications, modelling and communication skills, teamwork, computer programming and high performance computing.
The course consists of four semesters (30 credits per semester) and contains the following knowledge areas and credit units:

Basic mathematics (20 credits) [only for those who do not have a BSc in Mathematics]
Linear algebra (3 credits)
Algebra and number theory (4 credits)
Calculus (4 credits)
Geometry and topology (4 credits)
Probability and mathematical statistics (3 credits)
Basic operation research (2 credits)

Advanced mathematics (25 credits)
Theory of algorithms (5 credits)
Discrete mathematics (5 credits)
Interpolation and approximation (2 credits)
Differential equations (3 credits)
Operation research (5 credits)
Stochastic processes 1 (5 credits)

Engineering mathematics (40 credits)
Engineering computational methods 1 (5 credits)
Fourier analysis and Fourier series (2 credits)
Dynamical systems (3 credits)
Multivariate statistical methods (5 credits)
System and control theory 1 (5 credits)
Partial differential equations (5 credits)
Engineering computational methods 2 (5 credits)
System and control theory 2 (5 credits)
Stochastic processes 2 (5 credits)

MSc thesis work (20 credits) [must be prepared through the last two semesters)]

Elective courses (15 credits) [35 credits for those who have mathematics BSc]
The elective courses are related to various application fields, computing and applied mathematics area.