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Sándor Rejtő Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Engineering/ Industrial Product Design Engineering/ BSc

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HAC accredited

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Duration of the course

7 semesters, a total of 2156 teaching hrs. (35 months)

Objectives of the study program, structure and modules (practice), length.

The curriculum consists of: Natural science basics, Economy and humanities basics, Professional subjects, Common subjects of specialisation. The three modules are: Clothing and accessories, Textiles and interior and Packaging.
The goal of the course is to train industrial product design engineers who are capable of designing, producing and marketing industrial products and they are capable of meeting the challenges of market economy with flexibility and efficiency, with their technical, aesthetic, human as well as economic knowledge and skills. They have the ability of independent, creative work in all the phases of product development and capable of managing the innovation process of product development as well as the material, organizational and human resources necessary for product development and also the different cycles of product life cycle. In addition they have enough theoretical knowledge to be able to continue their studies in the second cycle of the training or to work with a team within different company frames to develop the conceptual, preliminary and detailed design.

List of Curriculum (paste website link if available):
See the enclosed Curriculum.