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Centre of Arts, Humanities and Sciences/Musical Creative Art and Musicology/ BA

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The course can be started upon request

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6 semesters

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Toefl paper 500; Toefl Computer 173; Toefl iBT 59, IELTS 5

To educate musicians who – with their performing skills, theoretical knowledge, and highly developed musical abilities – enrich and spread Hungarian and European music culture. They can enrich the repertory of musical knowledge with their sophisticated musical taste and are able to work in musical institutions, professional performing ensembles, religious ensembles and in other occupations which require musical education. With their high standard of knowledge, they can continue their studies in one of the MA specializations.

Basic knowledge: philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, studies of history of culture and art, general and Hungarian history of music, folk music, studies of works of music, acoustics.

General technical knowledge and skills according to specialization: theory of music, solfeggio, counterpoint, piano, score reading, transposing, chamber music/singing, contemporary music, orchestral/choir practice, music pedagogy, history of music education.

Differentiated technical knowledge: Specialization in theory of music: harmony of higher level, studies of counterpoint and musical form, stylistic studies, history of theory of music, high standard of score reading skills, continuo playing.

Specialization in musicology: harmony of higher level, studies of counterpoint and musical form, folk music and history of music, stylistic studies, high standard of score reading and musical hearing skills, voice training, choir conducting, Kodály’s music pedagogy, spreading musical knowledge

University of Debrecen