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Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering / Materials Engineering / BSc.

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7 semesters

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English (working level)

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The fields of training in the bachelor program include the fundamentals of the knowledge of the materials engineering and metallurgical engineering disciplines. Materials engineering students are trained to acquire a good knowledge of the structure and properties of materials: metals, ceramics and plastics. Students can become capable of developing, designing and producing novel materials with up-to-date structures, e.g. high-purity metals, high-strength  alloys, glasses, polymeric materials, adhesives, and they can find possibilities for their application. For this purpose the students have to concentrate on studying the production processes, the application and characterization of technical materials. Students can freely choose among the following specializations:

  • extractive metallurgy and casting
  • heat treatment and metal-forming
  • thermal energetics and silicate technology
  • polymer and chemical technology

The total length of the study program is 7 semesters, including the twice one-month practical training and the two-month graduation work. The area of the graduation work can be selected according to the preference of the student choosing between the two modules comprising the specialization.


Tuition Fee Category: general fee of the CSF program USD

Preparatory Course Fee:

English language Preparatory Course:                      general fee of the CSF program USD

Course Specific Preparatory Course:                         general fee of the CSF program USD