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Faculty of Earth Sciences and Engineering MS in Petroleum Engineering

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HAC accredited course, registered in English

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4 semesters

An M.S. in Petroleum Engineering degree from University of Miskolc will provide you with a leading edge and a competitive knowledge base backed by the Petroleum Engineering Department’s more than 60 years of teaching and research experience. If you choose our program, you’ll be making the right decision and taking the first step towards a prosperous career in the world’s petroleum industry.

This MS in Petroleum Engineering program was worked out considering the curricula of leading American universities in this field (Texas A&M, LSU, Texas Tech). The Petroleum Engineering masters program covers a specific mining activity, namely the exploration and production of liquid and gaseous energy resources by means of boreholes, their processing and transportation. The competency of a petroleum engineer covers the technological system of hydrocarbon production, connecting from one side to exploration phase, on the other side to downstream chemical engineering.

Tuition Fee Category: general fee of the CSF program USD

Preparatory Course Fee: English language Preparatory Course: general fee of the CSF program USD

Course Specific Preparatory Course: general fee of the CSF program USD