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Faculty of Engineering, Chemical Engineering, BSc

Course status

HAC accredited course; can be started in English upon request

Starting date(s) (following optional prep. course)


Max number of students


Min number of students


Duration of the course

7 semesters (35 months) course + 6 weeks (practical training)

Language requirements

CEFR B2 or TOEFL language certificate with a score of min. 460 (old system) and 140 (new system)

Main objectives of the B.Sc. program are preparation and training of chemical engineers capable of performing creative engineering work. These chemical engineers, based on their knowledge in general education, technical intelligence and at least one foreign language at conversational level, natural sciences (first of all chemical, physic-chemical and materials sciences) and their skills in methods and tools of applied mathematics,  modern computer sciences,  economics as well as management theories,  have all theoretical and practical skills necessary for the design, control, research and development of operating units and of complex process systems for the chemical-,  biotechnological and related industries.

Main topics of study: natural sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry); economics and human studies (Micro- and Macro-Economics, Management and Economics of Enterprises, Business Law); Chemical engineering core courses (Application of Physical-Chemistry and Material Sciences, Instrumentation and Control, Chemical Machinery and Unit Operations, Chemical Processes); specializations: (Chemical Processes, Process Operation).

University of Pannonia