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Architecture (BSc+Msc)

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University of Pécs, Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

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The Faculty has more than 40 years of experience in education. Most of the lectors have international practices. We offer language courses in the Faculty. We have national and international accreditation validations. We created the path of the program by the help of international architectural chambers with strong and continuous communication, for the flexible and high quality education producing. We offer exchange programs to study at one of our partner institutes within the framework of the Erasmus or Study Abroad programs, we attend on international workshops, exhibitions. Our main building is fresh renewed. We have European level educational building. We work on with the projects with the students step by step. We believe in recycling! We like the nature! Students can develop their individual creative skills. After graduation Students can continue their studies in our doctoral program.


This programme trains students to apply their complex knowledge in the areas of architecture and urban planning, as well as in the multi-faceted field of environment formation in general (architectural design, town and country planning, preservation of built heritage, structural design, construction work, management and administration tasks, consulting with authorities, teaching, etc.) In addition, students are prepared for their professional planning license once they have gained the prerequisite practical experience as required by the relevant regulations.  The final complex design project and the diploma design project are a summary, a synthesis of their studies and serve as a final assessment of their acquired knowledge. During training, studies are complemented by Scientific Students’ Conference projects prepared with the co-operation of students and tutors (the latter also being in charge of supervising their work). Within the professional field of architecture, students acquire individual expertise in a specific field and can apply for admission to the DLA&PhD degree programme based on their specialization. The DLA&PhD programme operates within the framework of an accredited doctoral school at the institute.

During the first five-six semesters students are provided with the groundwork in both human artistic and real engineering fields, and during the remaining semesters they can acquire special knowledge closely related to their qualification – in this phase creative work and its final result, the completed work is dominant. The final complex design project and the diploma design project are a summary, a concentration of their studies and the final assessment of their acquired knowledge.