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Earth Sciences BSc (Bachelor of Science) line

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The Earth Sciences BSc line offers full 3-year-education in earth sciences. The study program offers complete education in earth sciences, with a special direction in Geology. The program is supported by a strong GIS basis.

The program provides a general bachelor level education in earth sciences and also offering the possibility to specialize in Geology. It includes Introductory modules to Nature sciences, to Geology and also to Geography. The core of the program is based on the fundamental issues of earth sciences and including topics in Astronomy, Cartography, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Hydrology, Meteorology, Palaeontology, Paleoclimatology, Remote sensing, Stratigraphy, etc. while a strong regional geographical aspect is also present. The program includes a limited variety of human geographical courses too.

The language of teaching is English. The university might offer courses for language improvement.