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Engineering Information Technologist (BSc+MSc)

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7+3 semesters

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as all the University of Pécs

The Bachelor of Information Technology in Engineering focuses on design and technology within a 7-semester undergraduate training. The degree course is offered to serve profession oriented students, providing subjects and advanced research opportunities in the sphere of computer engineering, such as software engineering, data networks, information systems, cost efficient solutions in engineering, manufacturing, etc. A large component of the studies are laboratory oriented, and as well as covering software engineering and programming skills, this course provides experience of being part of an information technology team working on real projects or as a trainee where students can simultaneously get experience of and study practical work. The aim of the programme is to equip students with a solid skillset in modern techniques and provide quality instruction needed for a professional career in the field of information technology engineering.
Keywords :
System Engineering, specializations, knowledge, robots, national and international student success, industrial controls, design, programming, automatic, multimedia equipment, marketable training, engaging in industrial works, international business relations, student research work, master’s degree obtainable, Networking Academy, high standard lectures