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Physical education and coaching BSc (Bachelor of Science) line

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The Physical education and coaching BSc line offers full 3-year-education in physical education, coaching and sports, but also part-time education, preferably in the second year out of the three full-time-training years.

The study programme for the full time training offers complete education in Physical education, coaching and sport with special directions particularly in Team and individual sports, Medical aspects of sport, Social aspects of sport, Sport sciences and Professional practice.

The part-time education, i.e., two semesters in Physical education and coaching BSc line (the second year) include courses in five modules: Team and individual sports (12 credits), Medical aspects of sport (14 credits), Social aspects of sport (10 credits), Sport sciences (14 credits) and Professional practice (10 credits). Each module has two or three subjects with lectures, seminars and laboratory practices. The subjects are presented in lectures, seminars with discussion of the topics and practicing scientific research, and laboratory work. The students will familiarize their knowledge with modern instrumentation. The purpose of the year (two semesters) is to prepare the students for practicing physical education and coaching.

The language of teaching is English. The professional preparatory course might include teaching for those, who request familiarization in basics of biology and medicine necessary for physical education studies, in practical physiology and anatomy. The university might offer courses for language improvement.