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Biology BSc, Faculty of Science and Informatics

Course status

HAC accredited, the program will commence for the first time in September 2013

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Duration of the course

6 semesters (30 months) course + 6 weeks practice

Language requirements

English language – intermediate level (TOEFL or equivalent)

The aim of the comprehensive teaching program is to educate experts capable of understanding and explaining the most important experimental and theoretical questions in biology, and able to keep up with the ever-developing science of biology.

During the first year, the basic elements of Basic Environmental Sciences, Elementary Mathematics and Informatics, Basics in Biochemistry and Chemistry, Basic Physics and Geology, Basics of Botany and Zoology are gained. Then deeper studies follow, such as Basic Ecology and Biogeography, Plant-physiology and Animal-physiology, Molecular biology and Biotechnology, Ethology, Hydrobiology and Soil Science, Advanced Ecology. The last year is devoted to Human biology, Environmental protection and Nature conservation, Advanced Botany and Zoology, Advanced Biochemistry and Cytology, Advanced Microbiology and Biotechnology, Advanced Genetics and Molecular biology, Conservation Genetics. This is supplemented with a series of elective courses.


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