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Degree Course Module in Laser Physics and Applications / Master of Science Program (MSc), Faculty of Science and Informatics

Course status

One year degree course as part of the HAC accredited existing Master degree Course in Physics. Accredited since 2006.

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Duration of the course

One academic year with theoretical courses (2 semesters, 2×15 weeks/2×5 months), practical training in laboratory, one project work based on research in a group of the Department during the 2nd semester.

Language requirements

English language - intermediate level (TOEFL or equivalent)

The two semester module is intended for students having at least a BSC degree in physics and wishing to specialize in the field. The courses cover the fundamentals and applications of laser physics as a basis of a highly advanced modern technology. Together with the theoretical background of the field, we offer experimental and theoretical studies in generation and measurements of ultrafast and high intensity laser pulses in the femtosecond range. Up to date applications in biology, in medicine, in environmental sciences, and in modern material processing are also part of the program.

After meeting the requirements of the program consisting of an optional preparatory course (strengthening also the English knowledge of the students), two semesters of theoretical studies complemented by a lab practical course, the students will have an extended knowledge and understanding of the most important experimental and theoretical principles in laser physics, which fit them for employment as professionals in laboratories and related industries. They will have the ability to communicate their knowledge to specialist and non-specialist audiences and develop learning skills enabling them for continuously updating and renewing their knowledge in physics.

The length of the program is 10 months, which may be preceded with a preparatory module (English and physics specific preparatory courses – ~8 weeks).

In the 2nd semester the students must enter into research projects of the groups project work Courses include the following titles:

Laser physics

High intensity lasers and their applications

Introduction to femtosecond- and nonlinear optics

From femtosecond lasers to attosecond physics

Modern spectroscopy

Nonlinear optics

Optics and laser physics laboratory

Fundamentals of light matter interactions

Quantum optics

Laser-based photoacoustic spectroscopy

Laser material processing

Lasers in Medicine

Lasers in Biophysics



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