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Simonyi Károly Faculty of Engineering, Wood Sciences and Applied Arts

Course status

MSc. Wood technology

Starting date(s) (following optional prep. course)


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Min number of students

no min number

Duration of the course

4 semesters

Objectives of the study program, structure and modules (practice), length, preparatory course

The goal of the course is professional training in wood processing and utilisation. Achieving a high level theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the technical, environmental and financial aspects of wood utilisation and processing. Attaining a level of theoretical understanding that, along with the vocational training, enables the graduate to assume and active role in future technical developments, and to further his or her education by entering a PhD. programme.

Competences to be obtained in the masters’ course:

- career-related theoretical and practical skills and their application in laboratory work and design.

- systematic understanding and competence concerning materials, technology and products

- management skills and the ability to promote successful teamwork

- user-level knowledge concerning computer-based communication and analysis

- a basic understanding of issues of environment protection, quality management, consumer protection, manufacturer responsibilities, occupational safety and health, technical, economic, legal requirements, and ethics.

- acquaintance with the general analysis and problem-solving techniques required for scientific research.

Preparatory course is offered according to the applicant’s pre-education.


List of Curriculum: