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Faculty of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine – dr. med.

Course status

HAC accredited course in English

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Min number of students


Duration of the course

12 semesters

Language requirements

advanced (C1) level English

The goal of general medical education is to train professionals with higher education, who participate in health care and perform medical activities on the basis of the knowledge, professional skills, medical approach and behaviour acquired in the course of the training, who make their decisions and act with the utmost consideration of the different characteristics, human dignity and rights of their patients, and who will perform individual specialist medical activities in the field of their chosen speciality, upon the performance of the specialist training, documented by the successful specialist examination.

The training consists of three periods: theoretical, preclinical and clinical. The first two years are devoted to basic theoretical sciences. The third year is that of the so called transitory preclinical studies, when students are still taught mainly theoretical subjects, many of them having significant clinical aspects and concerns. In the last three years (4-6) of training clinical subjects are prevailing.

The diploma entitles its holder to perform medical activity under the supervision of a person with specialist qualification.

The diploma entitles to join the residency (specialist) training system and – upon the successful performance of the appropriate specialist training programme and specialist examination – to perform individual specialist activity in the field of the holders specialty.