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Faculty/course name/academic level:

Full-time graduate Dental Medicine Program (Doctor Medicinae Dentaire, Dentist, D.M.D.), Faculty of Dentistry

Course status

HAC accredited, existing course in English language in 2013/2014

Starting date(s) (following optional prep. course)


Max number of students

Depending upon successful completion of entrance examination (written test and oral examination in Biology, Chemistry or Physics and English language), which is conducted after having received the application documents. Maximum capacity of the course for Brazilian students: 5 Brazilian students

Duration of the course

10 semesters

Language requirements

Oral and written competence in English language which is to be proved as part of the entrance examination (level: eg. TOEFL IBT – score: min. 85 /IELTS – score: min. 6.5).

The Dental Medicine Program covers five-year program (10 semesters).  After the successful completion of the program, students are awarded the title Doctor Medicinae Dentaire (dentist; D.M.D.). The degree is accepted in several countries of the world. Citizens of the EU and EEC will receive their licence automatically within the Community.

In the first three years the students are taught basic sciences – medical and dental courses – which are the foundation of clinical dentistry. From the second year on more emphasis is placed on the study of dental diseases and their treatment. The program is designed to combine the basic and clinical sciences, as it is believed that scientific and professional development cannot be sharply separated but should proceed concurrently throughout the program.

The last two years serve the intensive clinical study of each discipline of dentistry with emphasis on the assessment and management of patients. Throughout their education students can participate in elective programs, conferences and hospital-based practices.  They furthermore need to defend their thesis (doctorial dissertation) and sit for a complex comprehensive examination – the State Board Examination. Having fulfilled all requirements, candidates are awarded the Doctor of Dental Medicine degree.

The language of instruction is English. However, for the proper accomplishment of clinical practice certain proficiency in Hungarian language is also necessary.