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Electrical Engineering course at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics / PhD

Course status

HAC accredited, existing course in English language in 2011/2012

Starting date(s) (following optional prep. course)


Max number of students


Min number of students


Duration of the course

3 semesters (15 months)

Language requirements

English language (TOEFL test score of 550 or the new computer based score 213, / IELTS score of 5.0)

The post-graduate PhD programme is available in all domaind offered in the MSC program. Since research and development requires innovative engineering expertise, one of the major concerns of the faculty is to endow students with high level mathematical skills in modeling complex engineering systems. This objective implies the use of system and algorithmic theory in addition to a thorough knowledge in physics.

The primary condition of admission to postgraduate studies is that the applicant must hold a master of science (or engineering) degree in electrical and electronic engineering (or in some closely related fields) or informatics. Admission to postgraduate studies will be considered if the qualification of previous studies is at least of level ‘good’ (more than 3.51 out of 5.00) or equivalent. Applicants are expected to have a definite scope of research in electrical engineering in Computer Science, where they would like to advance their knowledge. They are requested to present a proposal, specifying a domain of interest with some research objectives, milestones and deliverables during the postgraduate studies. The suggested topic should have sufficient preliminaries in their university studies.

Applicants with experience and initial result in the suggested research topic will have preference. A short summary of preliminary research activities together with relevant reports, published papers… etc. would be of help in the admission process.

Doctorate Schools: Electrical Engineering

Budapest University of Technology and Economics