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Faculty of Natural Sciences (Physics) / PhD

Course status

HAC accredited, existing course in English language in 2011/2012

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Duration of the course

3 semesters (15 months)

Language requirements

English language (TOEFL test score of 550 or the new computer based score 213, / IELTS score of 5.0)

The Graduate School of Physics offers PhD projects from the forefront of the modern physics and provides a broad education program. The scientific background is supplied by the departments of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and is based also on the excellent contacts to the Research Institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as well as to industrial research laboratories.

Research areas: Physics of condense matter, Solid state physics, Materials Science, Statistical Physics, Applied Physics, Optics, Laser physics, holography, surface physics, Nuclear Sciences

Links to research laboratories in the field of nanophysics:

and references therein.

Doctorate Schools: Physics

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