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PhD in Chemistry

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HAC accredited

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6 semesters

The curriculum offers postgraduate training and a PhD Degree in a wide range of fields in chemical sciences, (Bio)analytical Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Homogeneous Catalysis, Chemistry of Coordination Compounds, Electrochemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Separation Science.

Graduation requirements for entrance to the doctoral school: graduate degree (MSc) in chemistry, chemical engineering, high school chemistry teaching, pharmacy, natural science, medicine.

The two parts of obtaining a PhD degree: (a) research and educational programme for 3 years under the guidance of a supervisor, the students take part and collect credits in courses prescribed by the supervisor (60 credits/year = 180 credits as a total); (b) the degree awarding process includes the accomplishment of two oral doctoral exams, presentation of original publications summarized in a written thesis, and the defense of the thesis (a PhD degree can be given to researchers with at least 3 internationally high level publications).

Part-time (one-year) PhD training is possible in topics listed above under the co-supervision of a teacher at the home institute and of a teacher at the Doctoral School of Chemistry in Pécs. The supervisor in Pécs will introduce the PhD student to the actual research in the topic; provide access to the most modern instrumentation necessary for the work. Within a one-year period, at least one scientific paper, with high impact will be produced to contribute the successful defense of the PhD student.

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