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PhD in Earth Sciences

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HAC accredited

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Duration of the course

6 semesters (30 months)

The Doctoral School of Earth Sciences has developed from the PhD training programme called ‘Spatial and environmental problems of socioeconomic activities’. The training programme began in 1994 and the Doctoral School was accredited in 2001. There are two alternatives to get involved in the activities: participating in regular courses as full-time students or in part-time training.

Admission: The applicant must hold a Master’s degree (MA, MSc) in a relevant field and has to take an oral interview

Programme structure:There are several fields of teaching and research focusing on certain disciplines. The selection of research topics, training plans as well as fundamental and applied research is related to the following thematic groups:

  • Cultural geography
  • Geology
  • Geography of tourism
  • Geomorphology
  • Historical and political geography
  • Meteorology and climate change
  • Physical geography, landscape evaluation
  • Population and settlement geography
  • Regional geography
  • Regional and settlement development

University of Pécs