Report of about the Architecture-Landscape Section of the Second Science without Borders Conference

The arrival of the Brazilian students and their passage through the well-trodden doors of this University has greatly influenced my views on how to teach architecture. Their life experience is less likely to be moulded into the traditional, well-known and accepted blueprints of the European continent. It is an age old question of humanity whether a perfect balance exists between practical thinking and emotion. This is an important issue in a field which neither wholly belongs to the world of art nor to the world of science, rather floats in between or – dare I say – above.

During any kind of design process, be it architecture, environmental planning or object-design, the true goal is creation itself, and finding harmony between the tools you use and the desired outcome. As to the meaning of this highly sought-after harmony, it is impossible to establish one definition. Even great Greek gods could not define harmony, let alone us, being mere humans. However, our young Brazilian friends have opened up new horizons into our understanding of the concept. Their honest, spontaneous, whole-heartedly embracing and passionate approach has enlightened our understanding of this harmony.


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This observation was readily apparent during the conference. In most cases, the Brazilian students were much more interested and fascinated by the process of creation and its delights, by the problem itself and the possible solutions, rather than the actual output of the whole process. The outcome was almost an insignificant by-product of the wonderful journey that had led to it. I should like to praise the landscape and environmental engineering students, who presented us with their brilliant and interesting discoveries (well done Corvinus University!), such as their findings during their field study in Transylvania and Romania. The materials, thoughts, prints, and designs these students have compiled are truly exceptional.  Despite the immense cultural chasm, these students, aided by their emotional intelligence, have been able to grasp and connect to the lives of the people of Szászrégen, this geographically distant and historically turbulent place.


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The lectures were – without exception – truly riveting and enthralling. The audience was intellectually aligned with the presenters, engrossed in each topic and, in spite of the stifling heat and long hours, the audience’s attention did not wane. It was a real pleasure to lead this section, though I apply the term „lead” in its loosest sense, as the atmosphere was casual though focused and entirely enjoyable, throughout the whole conference.

I wish further successful study and carreer for the future and thanks for this nice experience!


Arch. Schrammel Zoltán

hon. reader of

Budapest University of Technology and Economics