Second Conference on the Brazilian-Hungarian Academic and Scientific Cooperation

Continuing the unique initiative which has brought success in organizing the First Conference on the Brazilian-Hungarian Academic and Scientific Cooperation (held in January 2015), also in the second semester of the academic year 2014/2015 the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference (HRC) took the main role in organizing the Second Conference for Brazilian students participating in the Science without Borders scholarship program in Hungary. Altogether more than 550 students attended the event on 8-9 June 2015,  hosted this time at the Budapest Business School.

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Upon organizing the event, the main objectives were to create an occasion  that could reflect most of the values of the SWB program – academic and research excellence, cooperation in these fields between Brazil and Hungary. Great part of these values are of course related to students, whose active participation in the event was essential. According to the feedback of all invited guests, including Hungarian inventors,  professors and colleagues from the host universities – and of course the students, the conference has been useful and beneficial both in academic and personal ways for all the attendees. This means that the joint effort of the organizers, the universities and the students was greatly appreciated.

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The event  has been a nice occasion for students from different institutions to gather and exchange scientific knowledge, and hopefully all of them will take the best use of the information  heard during  the plenary and section presentations, academic and personal discussions.

In the mornings  ‘Campus Hungary Scientific Forum’, students have participated in plenary sessions. The presentations during the plenary were on various scientific projects and topics, but the common focus of them all were to highlight some of the most recent innovations and results of excellent Hungarian scientists, that could later on also be continued with joint, Brazilian- Hungarian collaboration.

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The welcome remarks were delivered by Dr. Zoltán Dubéczi, secretary general of the HRC,  and by Dr. István Szabó, the president of the HRC’s Committee for International Affairs, dean of the Engineering Faculty and director of international relations at Szent István University. The event was also honoured by the presence of a Brazilian delegation, visiting Szent István University at the time,  from Universidade de Passo Fundo (UPF), CESNOR/UFSM – Campus Palmeira das Missões, Fundação Universidade de Rio Grande (FURG), Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Dr. Rafael Frandoloso, from the University of Passo Fundo has also had a short introduction speech during the conference, addressed in portugese language to the students.

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In the second part of the morning sessions, featuring scientific achievements, chaired by the honorary president of the conference – Prof. Dr. Péter Závodszky – member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, presentations were given by Hungarian researchers;  including the presentation of Dr. Dávid Szüts from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Bálint Mészáros from the Department of Biochemistry at Eötvös Loránd Univesity, Jozefina Maróti and Miklós Diósy from Kecskemét College who introduced the MegaLux project (, and Dr. Tamás Bene from the Technology Transfer Centre at the University of Debrecen. All the guests were involved in the training about the world famous ‘Prezi’ ( , held by Zoltán Major, trainer at “Prezimagyarul” – business partner of specialized in trainings and presentation design.

Also the ‘Gömböc’  ( was introduced to the audience,  by the inventor Prof. Dr. Gábor Domokos from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Balázs Szelecsényi, project architect and member of the Hungarian Solar Dechatlon Project team, from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics  talked about the Odooproject (

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In the afternoons, all the students attended roundtable discussions in ten different scientific sections under the guidance of section leaders invited from higher education institutions participating in the SWB program. In each group, most of the students made presentations, in which they introduced to each other their projects  and researches completed in Hungary, related to their academic studies.  Thus, apart from having the chance to participate in an English language conference as audience, the scholarship holders ( many of them for the first time ever) had the chance to present in English language for a larger audience, outside classroom environment. This opportunity and the discussion of  the SWB experience with their colleagues from other institutions contributed to the event being useful and serving as a nice closure of the academic year.  The students received certificates  both for their participation and presentations.

Please find the detailed programme of the Conference Programme_08 June and Conference Programme_09 June here and the link to the pictures (taken by Mónus Márton) of the event at the following website:

Photos used in this article were taken by Mónus Márton (Hungarian Rectors’ Conference) and the Campus Hungary Programme